Valuing Diversity


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Valuing Diversity

At Thorne Employment  we seek to support all our clients in matching the best applicants to their vacancies. We play an important role in helping clients meet their obligations to recruit fairly and transparently, selecting candidates on the basis of their ability to do the job regardless of age, gender, ethnic background, disability, sexual orientation or belief.

Whilst there is a myriad of legislation of which employers need to be aware, and with which they need to comply, we always ensure we have a full understanding of the vacancy and the specification for high performing appointees and will field candidates who meet that specification. As highly experienced recruiters, we ensure we have a full understanding of the relevant employment markets from which our clients recruit and will work with them to develop recruitment strategies to support their diversity policies.

We are available to brief clients where they seek to broaden their search to recruit from a diverse market and pride ourselves on the range of media and sources we use to maximise interest in vacancies from those with the capabilities to perform in the role.

We maintain diversity information on the candidates we see for your vacancies and will provide you with a breakdown of the backgrounds of the people we see on your behalf to assist you with fulfilling your responsibilities under the diversity legislative framework.

As a candidate, you can be assured of a professional first interview with one of our consultants who are all fully trained in progressive selection techniques and who will apply best practice and professional assessment standards in the recruitment process.

For detailed information on the legal framework which supports fair employment practices, you might find the following link of assistance:

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