I have been dealing with quite a few recruitment agencies that have on a sad note yet to keep a basic promise, almost “passing the buck”, I have often been a victim of attending registrations, doing numerous online tests and countless amount of times of me chasing the consultant with little or even worse no feedback at all.

I was really losing hope to finding the role which was right for me as well as the job satisfaction element, this was long forgotton though when I found Thorne employment based in Horsham,

Traci has proven she is true to her word, and when she says she will do something believe me she will do it. Traci along with her colleague Lara have kept me up to date every stage of my recruitment process.

I am so happy and proud to have found the expertise  which traci continues to portray and does what she does best with the upmost honesty and integrity and thats “placing the right candidates for the right roles.

I would recommend anyone that is seeking employment to get in touch with her and her team.

Thank you Traci and best of luck to you and your team in the future.

Luke Logan

I have known Traci Thorne for 20 years and have worked continually with her on various recruitment campaigns for many years.

We asked Thorne Employment to be one of our preferred suppliers at Barclaycard when we were based at Crawley West Sussex. I had concerns over the calibre of staff that was being put forward by our other preferred suppliers. Thorne Employment was tasked with supplying the calibre of staff required to carry out Customer Service, Sales and Collections roles.

Within the first year Thorne Employment had supplied and placed over 150 people and the attrition dramatically dropped within these departments.

Due to the high attrition of candidates being put forward previously I had tasked Thorne Employment with strict criteria for what we needed. They were proactive in understanding our requirements, by coming into the departments, listening to calls and talking to existing staff to gain a broader understanding of the type of work we did and the sort of skills that were needed to carry out the roles that needed to be filled.

Thorne Employment was and is very good at supplying volume business. At times we had tasked Thorne Employment with supplying up to 20 candidates a month across the business. One particular campaign, they were asked to supply 80 candidates within 6 weeks due to a new client coming on board. Of all the candidates they put forward 98% stayed. However within the first 6 months 100% of candidates were successful. I believe this was down to their thorough interviewing of potential candidates before they put them forward to our assessment centres.

We developed a very good working relationship which was honest and open and this I felt was the key to a good working relationship. They were far more efficient than our other preferred suppliers, their professional approach was excellent and they focused hard to really understand our business requirements.

I would not hesitate to recommend their services and feel for as an independent they certainly give an excellent cost effective service.

Dionne CleallSenior Operations Manager, Barclaycard

From dealing with Thorne Employment Ltd. we have found them to be a professional and personable company.

The standard of candidates provided is very high and in general they show a good level of dedication to the role.

We would not hesitate to recommend Thorne Employment Ltd. to any other business, as they have proved themselves to be reliable and competent at meeting our high expectations.

Briony Hartgroves & Samantha JohnsonBarclaycard Recruitment Administration Centre

I have been using Traci for around 10 years now and have taken many good people from her, she is fantastic at understanding my business / departments needs, she is always positive and keen to help, and always my first port of call when looking for a new member of staff.

Harvey Osbourne Operations Manager - Reed Business Information

Anderson Surveyors have dealt with Thorne Employment Ltd for all admin and office vacancies.

We have also dealt with Traci Thorne direct for many years and have found her to be honest and professional in everything she does.

I would highly recommend her to any establishment / company and wish her all the very best.

Chris Meaney Managing Director, Anderson Surveyors

We use Thorne for many reasons, not least the personalized and personable service we receive. Pre-qualified, suitable candidates are sent to us with speed and efficiency and the pricings is top notch!!

Andrew Redman Sales Manager, KB Design

I have know Traci at Thorne Employment for a number of years and was actually placed in my current role by her and her team..

Since that time I an now in the position of hiring my own staff for my department and have used Thorne Employment on several occasions to best effect. I wish traci all the ver best for the future.

Anthony Russell Operations manager, Fisher Clinical

I would have no hesitation in recommending Thorne Employment to businesses large and small, after the excellent service I received when looking to recruit a Sales Order Processing clerk for my small accounts team.

The candidates were expertly selected for their suitability for the position before they were introduced to me, taking away the necessity to advertise through the media and filter through a large volume of CV’s and time taken to interview ultimately unsuitable candidates.

The candidate selected by Thorne Employment has seamlessly fitted into the working environment for which she was selected.

I know who, without doubt, I shall be contacting in future for my vacancies.

Accounts & Office Manager

Thorne Employment are Gold Winners in my book. Some recruitment companies “talk a good game” but end up delivering nothing!
Traci Thorne, MD and her Olympian skilled team are proactive on clients’ behalf & most certainly deliver the goods.

One cannot acquire the skills required for a job without intensive “on-the-job” experience…and recognising this important fact, Thorne Employment are able to place the best people in the “right jobs” and I would most strongly recommend the company to anyone seeking an alternative post in their chosen field of expertise.

Hugh Thompson Business Development Manager, Principal Corporation

Candidate Testimonials

Thorne Employment is a privately owned recruitment agency and has been operational for approximately 18 months.  My daughter went to Thorne Employment whereby she was successfully placed within a large organisation.  Thorne Employment has proven themselves in the recruitment industry, with dedication to placing the right candidate to the right organisation.  Well done and congratulations!

Trish Haines

I can speak no more highly of any organisation that, in my dealings have been more helpful, friendly and positive than Thorne Employment has been to me.

I am now at a level that I can look back and say thank you, for the guidance in uncertain times and begin fully to appreciate the hard work that Traci must have done to establish such a well run local business. She has been an asset to Horsham and I am count myself very luck to have known her.

Gary Henshall

Having dealt with many recruitment agencies in the past, I have found Thorne Employment to have been one of the most helpful and courteous. I was kept informed at every stage of my application for a position and I was extremely impressed with how personal their service was. I wish Traci and the team every success for the future and have already recommended Thorne Employment to others.

Joel Hudson