Thorne Employment – Tips & Tricks

Comparing job offers

In most situations that candidates face today, there will be many reasons to move positions, financially motivated or career progression (or lack of it!) while others personal or personality issues. Whatever the cause it would be in the interest of the recruiter to know the cause. The last thing you want is to make the wrong choice so it is vital you take your time to think about what you really want.

Counter offers

For candidates who do not feel that they are likely to receive an improved offer to stay put are right, but statistically speaking you are far more likely to receive than not to receive and after all it makes sense for your employer to spend £2-5,000 or so in keeping a proven person. The cost of replacing you will far out weigh the cost of keeping you, so don’t be bowled over with their generosity! Most likely it equates to simple economic sense. Another thing to consider is if you are worth that much now, for how long have you been underpaid?

Lunchtime interview

An interview over lunch will be more casual than in an office, however do not let your defences down.

Make your life easier by not ordering messy food and order something that is simply in line with your attendance. The decision to drink alcohol and smoke should be based upon what the interviewer is doing.

Tips: Follow the lead of the interviewer in behaviour tone and ordering.

Do not order alcohol, even if they do and especially if you are driving. As unlikely as it is this may be a simple test. Will this person drink and drive in our company car if given the job? Now is not the time to let them know. Get the job first!

Interview Tips & Techniques

Plan what you will wear in advance and ALWAYS wear a suit or dress formally in smart clothes. Don’t forget the shoes!!! Never wear trainers, this is a big no-no.

Suitable dress codes

Always on each interview you should be dressed for the part. It doesn’t matter what the position is. It is important that you come across well presented at all times. A potential employer will make their mind up in the first 5 minutes of talking to you.

Make sure you always wear a dark business suit and your shoes are clean. You will be surprised how many employers look at your shoes when you first walk in! If you wear a tie make sure it is in line with your suit.

An employer will always remember the smart ones!

Never arrive late – no excuses are acceptable.

Always try to do some research into the organisation that you have just applied to. If you’re not sure where to start, try the library. Better still, ring the company and ask them to send you some company literature. This will show interest and enthusiasm and you can blind them with science about their company!

Make sure you have some questions to ask , for example:

•  How many people work in the company or department?

•  What would be a typical day in this position?

•  Who is your largest customer?

•  Are you planning to expand as a company?

This probably sounds obvious, but try not to be too nervous – you are not going to be shot by a firing squad, even though it may seem like it! Be aware that you may be interviewed by more than one person, but not always.

Another obvious one – make sure that you smile as much as possible. Employers LIKE smiley and happy people.

Try to maintain eye contact with your interviewer – don’t look at the floor or your shoes or out of the window! This will appear as complete disinterest.

Remember, all interviews will be good practise. You may not be successful at your first interview but you WILL be better at the next one! No interview is a waste of time – it’s a new skill to learn!